Saturday, July 20, 2013

family summer vacation 2013- OCNJ!

what a fun vacation we had this year! it started off a little rocky with the kids all sick as could be...  we actually contemplated just heading home because everyone felt so miserable.  thankfully, after a much needed down day, everyone perked up and the rest of the trip was just perfect!

here is daddy laying down the ground rules before exploring the boardwalk for the first time...

my beach baby- she was in her element for sure.
clara is my thrill seeker- just like daddy...  linc and alice are a little more reserved (aka: scardycats) just like mommy ;)
almost 20 years (and 3 children) ago, i called this place home for one awesome summer :)
my life- my loves
see what i mean about clara?  she is a natural!
nana came for a visit- super fun!
this was really alice's first experience with the beach...  she had been once before at around 9-10 months.  it was so fun to watch her take it all in.
cousins annie, ellie, and ben made it down for a day visit.
my handsome guys a a dinner out
loving it!
ahhh....  already looking forward to our next trip!
linc finished up swim lessons the week before our trip and i am soooo glad we did them this summer.  he is swimming on his own and did amazing in the ocean!
sigh...  brings back such great memories of my own childhood- and i am thrilled that we get to share the same with our children.

we were also able to visit with cousin MJ- what a cutie pie!
clara giving her some love :)

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MommaVal said...

How fun! Everyone looks great! <3