Thursday, August 1, 2013

one more try...

We went back to the planetarium today WITH tickets this time ;) It was great! We watched a show about how the earth was formed and the various stages of the continents. They also showed the night sky and constellations at the end- everyone really loved that part. 

Before the movie started, we visited with our new friends again. 

Brave and fearless!

Adam, his sister, and their mommy came along. Here we all are getting ready for our first planetarium experience. 

Tonight, my sweet girl helped me make cookies. She is actually super helpful in the kitchen now. I need to consciously remember to include her more often- and especially when she asks. For so long I felt as if I was trying to keep all little hands OUT of the food... Now, we get to cook together :)

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Mamallama said...

What a big helper!